These recommendations have served me at one time or another, many I continuely use. I'm sure many of you will benefit from investigating them further.

Please contact me if you'd like hear my side of the story with regards to any of these recommendations.

Hi, friends.

I've found a new way to add more vegetable diversity to my diet, which is important for optimal health: Dr. Cowan's Garden nutritionally powerful vegetables powders. You just add a teaspoon or so to whatever you're eating -- from homemade soup to takeout pizza -- to increase your vitamins and minerals. They're great for picky eaters -- they won't even notice the kale in their mac 'n' cheese -- and for people who want a break from cooking from scratch.

 They're 100 percent organic, and they're stored in Miron violet-glass jars, which protects them from the aging wavelengths of light. That way they'll
stay nutritionally potent for many months. These powders are the next-best thing to eating freshly picked vegetables from your garden! Check out their newest addition of kitchen staples.
Save up to 20% Off your first order! 

Dr Cowan's Garden/Nutritionally Powerful Food/Kitchen Staples

Powerful Food Powders and Kitchen Staples

I highly recommend Michael's teaching for anyone looking to: 
•Lengthen connective tissue
•Increase flexibility
•improve circulation
•reduce stress levels
•calm the mind

Michael offers at least one class via zoom on Tuesday nights at this point, starting @ 7:15 - 8:30. 
"Yin yoga mildly stresses deep connective tissue, fascia, tendons, ligaments and light joint compression. Poses are held for longer periods of time with lesser intensity. Muscles are relaxed and gravity does most of the work. It's a slower and much more meditative practice giving space to look inward towards the body, mind and spirit connections. Almost all postures are on the floor with no strenuous standing or balancing."
Michael can be reached at
Contact him to get access to his weekly invites. He asks for a minimum donation of $5 per class. A super deal!

Yin Yoga w/ Michael Ladroga
Yin Yoga Logo

Professional Practice Insurance for Personal Practices and Business Owners. Coverage for massage therapists, acupuncture, Yoga +aerial, gym owners, Hypnotherapy, pole fitness, nutritional - sports coaching, water aerobics, sauna, cupping, sexual abuse, cyper security, products, damage to rental property, personal & advertising injury.
Alternative Balance Professional Group

Alternative Balance Professional Group

Alternative Balance Professional Group