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Paul really focused on my personal needs going into the Painless Aging Metabolic Reset.        
Great individual attention. 
In addition, Paul knows what to suggest for any issue that comes up and explains how a supplement works and why it would be appropriate for me.


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Experience the ultimate relaxation and tension relief with our diverse range of modalities and therapies, designed to facilitate detoxification and rejuvenation.

Paul E Youngquist LMT CFNC


I’m a healer, and as with most healers, my path started by first healing myself.
I experienced panic attacks as a teenager and young adult. They left me feeling disconnected from myself and fearful of life.

At the age of 26, I contracted meningitis. I ended up in the hospital and went through many medical procedures. I was feeling inadequate as a man and weak and ashamed of my medical diagnosis’s.

Realizing I had hit rock bottom, I saw that the choice was mine; to either give up or move forward. I began to consciously take control of my health journey by employing practices such as, meditation, talk therapy, massage, yoga, herbal remedies, and healthy eating.

Because of my experience, I’ve made it my mission to help others find their lifestyle and achieve the biggest reward in life, the affriming feeling of wellness throughout.

I believe change is possible for anyone.
No matter what kind of pain you are up against, I can help.

Read my complete story HERE.

Reverse premature aging

Family of four living without chronic pain
It's completely possible to achieve graceful maturation! Start by embracing self-love and finding the motivation to revitalize your relationships. A metabolic reset isn't just a change - it's a total transformation that takes courage to kickstart. And the best part? The incredible benefits will not only improve your life, but also the lives of your loved ones and the entire global community.
Let's do this!

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Reverse premature skin aging, eliminate acute and chronic pain, shed pounds of toxicity, and rejuvenate your life. Achieve better sleep by balancing your circadian rhythm. Release trapped energy and restore well-being. Renew your vitality to prevent disease. Take control of your lifestyle and explore solutions to existing health issues by addressing symptoms through cause resolution..
Time is Now

Surprising things you may learn about premature aging

Real Reason Your So Tired.

Woman RunningAre you currently experiencing a serious illness or suspect that there may be an underlying health concern that has not been diagnosed by medical professionals? Are you seeking comprehensive and logical answers? Have you been informed that there are limited treatment options available and that you may need to rely on medication indefinitely? Enhancing weight loss through natural methods can help detoxify the body and revitalize a slow metabolism. Reinvigorate your metabolic function and vitality.

People coming together

Are you interested in embarking on a journey towards a healthier lifestyle? By making positive changes, you can bring back hope and vitality to support yourself and your loved ones. This is an effective method for preventing illnesses before they manifest. Witness firsthand how this process fosters a sense of hope and empowerment.

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Have you experienced unsuccessful attempts at dieting? Have you struggled with chronic or acute pain? Have you recently been prescribed additional medication to counteract side effects, only to feel increasingly unwell? If you find yourself on a cycle of worsening health despite numerous doctor visits and extensive medical expenses, are you seeking tangible results?

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A girl having a deep restful sleep for the first time by having a metabolic reset.

If you have experienced chronic excessive sleeping, difficulty falling asleep while staring at the ceiling all night, observed dark circles under your eyes in the mirror, or wake up feeling consistently exhausted, it may be time to seek professional help.

Path to Change

What others have to say about facing cancer fears and deep-release massage.

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Paul has a depth of experience and knowledge base that is far-reaching. During my latest session with him, I experienced a deep-release of decades old trauma and tightness in my mid-back. I could breathe more deeply and felt the effects of the deep-tissue massage throughout the week. I highly recommend Paul's services.

Marybeth H., Peterborough, NH

Find Out What Works
Gary C. worked through his fears of cancer.

Paul is a fantastic coach. He took a lot of time (more than an hour) helping me sort out my cancer issues and helping me focus again. Many Kudos Paul!

Gary C., Peterborough, NH

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  • Calendar Appointment
  • Painless aging or counseling: time commitment required—Paul's ever-evolving suite of services is now even more personalized, with pricing that reflects the exact level of care you require!
  • Massage, sauna, Functional & Lifestyle medicine
  • Thorough, detailed, evaluations
  • Telehealth for care from your home
  • If you are commited to making a change I offer care tailored to discover what feeds you best. Using proven steps that unlock your potential.
  • Expert advice clearly stated with the understanding of what could change for you.

Prepare yourself for a life-changing experience! Discover the techniques to slow down and reverse the aging process.


Insulin levels and Humane Growth Hormone (HGH):

People with visceral fat accumulations are significantly more susceptible to various health problems, such as Type 2 diabetes. This fat type envelops the organs, causing insulin resistance and hastening the aging process by suppressing the production of human growth hormone (HGH), crucial for cell regeneration. These consequences usually become evident by middle age..

Nonetheless, the use of synthetic growth hormone supplements may not always result in increased muscle mass or strength and may raise concerns about cancer. Rather, focusing on reducing visceral fat can effectively boost this hormone and promote longevity.2

An Increase in metabolic rate:

The human body is an amazing machine that depends on metabolism to function effectively. Metabolism is the key to maintaining a healthy metabolic rate, which is essential for fueling cell growth and repair. Without a well-regulated metabolism, the body would struggle to function properly at rest. During rest, the body works continuously to repair itself, which has a direct impact on various functions such as brain activity, nerve health, breathing, body temperature regulation, and muscle movement. Eliminating or reducing chronic pain is crucial in reducing immune burden and thereby promoting a sense of well-being.

Resistance to oxidative stress:

A low resistance disrupts your body's natural ability to handle daily stressors effectively. Achieving a balance in antioxidants and health functions is crucial to prevent tissue damage caused by excessive anxiety and stress. Over time, a lack of resistance can lead to an increased risk of developing diseases and chronic pain.

Building resistance to oxidative stress provides your body with the strength to fight against illnesses. You become less susceptible to various diseases, and free radical damage is eliminated. Carbon dioxide effectively burns up and eradicates dead or diseased cells from your body.3

Reducing and improving inflammation:

Were you aware that inflammation can have both positive and negative effects on the body? In the case of an injury, inflammation is a natural response that helps protect the affected area by sending white blood cells to prevent infection. This process also activates the immune system and aids in the healing of wounds.

However, problems can arise when the body experiences excessive inflammation. Chronic inflammation can occur even when there is no threat present, leading to persistent swelling, tenderness, and potentially chronic or acute pain. Common symptoms of chronic inflammation include abdominal pain, chest pain, fatigue, fever, joint pain, and skin rashes. Conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and arthritis can be exacerbated or caused by chronic inflammation.4

Lower triglycerides, LDL Cholesterol, and High Blood Pressure:

Intermittent fasting has been shown to lower triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, and high blood pressure, ultimately helping to stabilize our body's blood chemistry and counteract the effects of aging. Maintaining a proper balance of essential vitamins such as Vitamin E, zinc, and magnesium is crucial in achieving optimal health outcomes. It is imperative to adhere to a specific program in order to achieve the desired results.

Helps prevent cancer:

Excessive body weight, lack of exercise, and poor nutrition account for 18% of new cancer cases. It is essential to take charge of your health. In addition to avoiding unhealthy substances and reducing stress, making the decision to prioritize your health can send a powerful message to your body. Cancer may seem daunting, but with a commitment to wellness, you can make a positive impact on your cells.5

Efficiently burns off cancer:

Cancer is unable to thrive in optimal conditions, as demonstrated by animal studies revealing that abnormal cell growth cannot withstand fasting conditions. Naturopathic doctors are increasingly recognizing the efficacy of burning off cancer cells through intermittent fasting within the Painless Aging Program, resulting in successful outcomes. Numerous individuals have shared testimonials of stage 4 cancer reversal achieved through this method, which is shown to be less harmful than traditional chemotherapy, preserving the immune system and vital organs.

Improve cognitive function

The impact of brain function on our daily lives goes far beyond just better recall. Motor skills, speech, clear judgments, emotional interpretation and response, and a sense of touch are all integral parts of healthy cognitive function. Brain function affects our sleep, moods, bodies, and emotions each day, in part due to disturbing chronic pain. Improving the brain's function is not difficult if you are willing to try.6

45% lower mortality rate

It is impossible to predict when we will die, but we all will eventually. Animal studies have demonstrated a 45% decrease in mortality rates through practices such as daily fasting, controlled energy density, and calorie intake. These studies unequivocally show that fasting enhances both lifespan and survival rates.7

Life with chronic pain is unbearable:

The golden years should truly be golden, free from the constant burden of chronic pain. To truly age gracefully and enjoy life's pleasures, it is essential to reset your system and alleviate suffering. Don't let aging and stiffness prevent you from fully experiencing the joys of spending time with grandchildren. Clear your mind of foggy thinking caused by pain, and make it easier for yourself and your loved ones by eliminating arthritis and back pain.


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Inflammation what is it? Its causes, symptoms, and treatment. Cleaveland Clinic.org. 4

Ten things to do today for cancer. aarp.org.5 

Cancer studies by Alessio Nenciono, Irene Caffa, and Vafer D. Longo. www.ncbi.nih.gov.6

Animal study on lower mortality rate by Sarah J. Mitchell, Michel Bernier, and Rafael de Cabo. www.ncbi.nih.gov.7 

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Serving our Veterans as a Community Care Provider since 2018
The soft tissues within the body retain memory patterns, and techniques for manipulation can effectively mitigate the effects of trauma, injuries, and PTSD on both the mental and physical well-being.

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