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Wellness Works LLC has earned five stars with me! Paul is extremely skilled and knowledgeable in his field. I no longer suffer from chronic neck pain and back pain. I also seem to heal much quicker from strenuous duties on my job. Every time I leave on appointments I feel refreshed both mentally and physically. I get a fresh start after each visit; pain free and stress free.
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Paul E Youngquist LMT CFNC


I’m a healer, and as with most healers, my path started by first healing myself.
I experienced panic attacks as a teenager and young adult. They left me feeling disconnected from myself and fearful of life.

At the age of 26, I contracted meningitis. I ended up in the hospital and went through many medical procedures. I was feeling inadequate as a man and weak and ashamed of my medical diagnosis’s.

Realizing I had hit rock bottom, I saw that the choice was mine; to either give up or move forward. I began to consciously take control of my health journey by employing practices such as, meditation, talk therapy, massage, yoga, herbal remedies, and healthy eating.

Because of my experience, I’ve made it my mission to help others find their lifestyle and achieve the biggest reward in life, the affriming feeling of wellness throughout.

I believe change is possible for anyone.
No matter what kind of pain you are up against, I can help.

Read my complete story HERE.

Reverse premature aging

Family of four living without chronic pain
Maturing gracefully is a goal that's attainable.

Love yourself and find the energy to renew your relationships. Having a metabolic reset is a whole body experience. It takes a lot of courage to take those first steps and take control of your health. This benefits you, your family, and the world.

Take Action
Split Woman's Face Aging Lines

You can reverse premature skin aging, diminish acute and chronic pain, loose pounds of toxicity, and get a new lease on life. Improve your sleep by balancing your circadian rhythm. With the release of trapped energy the feeling of well being is restored. Your vitality is renewable and is a prerequisite for preventing disease. Alternatives to a better lifestyle exist for you. Explore answers to existing diseases by addressing symptoms early.

Time is Now

Surprising things you may learn about premature aging

Real Reason Your So Tired.

Woman RunningAre you facing a critical illness? Or do you suspect there may be an underlying health issue that doctors have yet to find? Do you want answers that make sense? Have you been told there's nothing we can do. You'll have to be on this pill the rest of your life? Weight loss naturally detoxes and jump starts a sluggish metabolism. Restart your metabolic vitality

People coming together

Would you like to have a positive beginning toward a healthy lifestyle? With change, hope and vital energy return to support you and your family. It's a great way to stop illness before it starts. We offer group/ individualized coaching. See how the process embraces hope.

Discuss It
Pill Capsules

Have you tried unsuccessful dieting? Have you dealt with chronic or acute pain? Have you just been prescribed another pill to counteract the side effects of the first; and these only make you feel increasingly unwell? You are on a merry-go-round of feeling increasingly worse even after loads of doctors visits and tons of medical bills. Do you want results?

Find Out More

A girl having a deep restful sleep for the first time by having a metabolic reset.

Have you ever had chronic over sleeping? Do you routinely stare at the ceiling all night unable to sleep? Have you ever glimpsed yourself in the mirror and seen dark circles under your eyes? Do you wake up feeling exhausted? 

Path to Change

What others have to say about facing cancer fears and deep-release massage.

Woman Smiling

Paul has a depth of experience and knowledge base that is far-reaching. During my latest session with him, I experienced a deep-release of decades old trauma and tightness in my mid-back. I could breathe more deeply and felt the effects of the deep-tissue massage throughout the week. I highly recommend Paul's services.

Marybeth H., Peterborough, NH

Find Out What Works
Gary C. worked through his fears of cancer.

Paul is a fantastic coach. He took a lot of time (more than an hour) helping me sort out my cancer issues and helping me focus again. Many Kudos Paul!

Gary C., Peterborough, NH

Find a Time

How you can access support and discover your own health journey.

  • Dispensary available
  • Text, email, phone, or video call 
  • Calendar Appointment
  • Painless aging or counseling: time commitment required—includes a bundle of changes over time with Paul. Its cost must change with individualized care.
  • Massage, sauna, Functional & Lifestyle medicine
  • Thorough, detailed, evaluations
  • Telehealth for care from your home
  • If you are commited to making a change I offer care tailored to discover what feeds you best. Using proven steps that unlock your potential.
  • Expert advice clearly stated with the understanding of what could change for you.
  • Not a narrow-by-numbers approach—instead a comprehensive and individual route. The individual discovery process includes all aspects of healing such as premature aging, visceral fat accumulations, and diseases.

Are you ready to change your life? How to stop aging and turn it around.


Insulin levels and Humane Growth Hormone (HGH):

Type 2 diabetes and other health problems cling massively around people who have Visceral fat accumlations. This fat clings to your organs and creates insulin resistance. It makes you age quicker because it slows down it's production of (HGH) as the trigger that stimulates new cell growth. This happens by middle age.

 However, taking a synthetic growth hormone supplement doesn't always translate to muscle mass or strength. Those synthetic supplements could increase cancer concerns. Instead, targeting visceral fat will have the desired effect of  increasing this hormone and prolonging youth.2

An Increase in metabolic rate:

Our bodies function through metabolism. This process consists of its metabolic rate. It puts energy into your cells to make new cell growth. Without a well-regulated metabolism, your body won't function at rest. Repairing your body goes on while you're resting. These affect your brain and nerve function, breath rate, body temperature, and contraction of muscles. Chronic pain treatments ease body aches.

Resistance to oxidative stress:

Having a low resistance disturbs your body's natural ability to control everyday stressors. You must achieve a balance in antioxidants and health functions. Otherwise, too much anxiety and stress can cause tissue damage. Over time having low resistance leads to more diseases and chronic pain.

Resistance to oxidative stress gives your body strength against disease. You aren't susceptible to every disease anymore. Free radical damage disappears. Carbon dioxide burns up and destroys dead or diseased cells.3

Reducing and improving inflammation:

Did you know inflammation can be both good and bad?  To protect a sore it's good when white blood cells rush in to keep infection out. This activates the immune system and cleans up the body's wounds.

The problem comes when your body takes on too much inflammation. Chronic inflammation happens even when your body isn't in danger. This creates invisible swelling, tenderness, and even chronic or acute pain. Some symptoms are abdominal pain, chest pain, fatigue, fever, joint pain, and skin rashes. Chronic pain conditions caused by this are cancer, heart disease, and arthritis.4

Lower triglycerides, LDL Cholesterol, and High Blood Pressure:

Lower triglycerides, LDL Cholesterol, and high blood pressure level out through intermittent fasting. Our body's delicate blood chemistry balance pushes back against aging. Vitamins such as Vit. E, Zinc, and Magnesium Orotate help you maintain a balance. Sticking with a specific program to get the results you want is important.

Helps prevent cancer:

Three causes of cancer are excess body weight, not exercising, and poor nutrition make up 18% of new cancer issues. Taking control of your health is crucial. Besides, the three findings listed are unhealthy substances and stress reduction. It seems likely you've heard all this before. Cancer is a dreaded disease and you are right, it feels hopeless. But the moment you decide to be healthy you can send your cells a new message throughout your body.5

Efficiently burns off cancer:

Cancer can't live in healthy conditions. Animal studies show that abnormal cell growth can't adapt to fasting conditions.  Naturopahic doctors have a renewed interest in the increased efficiency of burning cancer cells off. It has been successful. Through intermittent fasting in the Painless Aging Program, cancer is less likely to gain a foothold. Many people have given testimonials of stage 4 cancer reversal through burning off cancer cells. The results aren't as devastating as chemo which destroys your immune system and organs.

Improve cognitive function

Brain function has so much impact on our daily lives. So much more than better recall;  motor skills, speech, clear judgments, emotional interpretation and response, and a sense of touch are still a part of healthy cognitive function. It affects our sleep, moods, bodies, and emotions each day partly because of disturbing chronic pain. It's really not too hard to improve the brain's function if your willing to try.6

45% lower mortality rate

While no one can determine when they'll die, and yes, we all eventually do. Animal studies show a 45% lower mortality rate. These mice studies were based on daily fasting, controlled energy density, and calorie intake. They prove that fasting improves life and survival rate.7

Life with chronic pain is unbearable:

Golden years should be just that golden. But it can't if your mind is constantly ransacked with chronic pain. Suffering is eased by resetting your system and turning back the clock to mature gracefully.  Aging and stiffness keep you from life's pleasures such as grand kids. It makes your mind a cloud of foggy thinking. You may have a loved one to take care of and life is so much easier to bear if arthritis and back pain is absent.


Visceral fat (Active Fat) an article about insulin resistance and (HGH). Published by

Mayo Clinic2

Fasting by Paul Bragg3

Inflammation what is it? Its causes, symptoms, and treatment. Cleaveland 4

Ten things to do today for cancer. 

Cancer studies by Alessio Nenciono, Irene Caffa, and Vafer D. Longo.

Animal study on lower mortality rate by Sarah J. Mitchell, Michel Bernier, and Rafael de Cabo. 

*Our personalized service and many years of experience can support your goals for a balanced, healthy and optimal lifestyle.
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Serving our Veterans as a Community Care Provider since 2018
The body's soft tissue can hold memory patterns.
Manipulation helps relesase the effects of trauma, injuries and PTSD from the mind & body.

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