"Are You Ready To Feel Good
In Your Body Again?"


My painless aging program provides a path to overcome and resolve chronic pain?

Many people come to me for tension and pain relief. Yes, my bodywork breaks the ice but so many people's pain and discomfort will return a few days or weeks latter.

Through my personal experience of using lifestyle as medicine I've experienced reduction and elimination of pain patterns, restored energy levels and a positive outlook. My clients hear it from me all the time, supportive diet and lifestyle provide the best road for optimzing health outcomes.

Are you tired of riding that hampster wheel? Returning time after time to address that same issue only to have it return again. Your body is an amazing creation that will respond to the right influences.
We need to take charge because everyday our bodies are being confronted with unpresidented levels of stressors from the enviroment. That burden requires our immune to use much of it's ability to counter and correct. This challenges the systems of our bodies to maintain homeostasis. Like anything material too much stress causes things to fail.
Looking at all the non-food that's overwelming our choices always in easy reach. Produced for easy profit and sustaining our sugar and wheat craving american society.
The SAD (standard american diet) is driven by greed and self serving individuals.

Change is possible by supporting our bodies holistically. With the simple use of food and lifestyle restoration can be realized from pain and so many disfunctions that manifest as disease. The Painless Aging a Metabolic RESET will restore energy, staminia and that natural feeling of well-being.
If you want to discover more of the upsides that come with the right kind of change.
Find out more about starting your road to Painless Aging. Schedule your free discovery call now to see how this can be possible for you.

My mission is to share my knowledge to help others discover their path back to health and wellbeing.

In Health, Paul

Full Body Systems Graduate
Paul Youngquist, LMT. Wellness Works LLCFunctional Nutrition Practitioner Paul Youngquist

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