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Paul E Youngquist, LMT CFNC


I’m Paul, I have made a life of providing pathways for the body, mind and spirit to unite in harmony. I’m humbled by the gift I have been given: I live a life of purpose and passion, doing work I believe is good for all humankind. I’m glad you are here.

Healing is the golden thread that runs through the tapestry of my life.

Like you, I’ve experienced times of regret and hope, of uncertainty and clarity, of suffering and healing.

You may be interested to know how I gained the confidence to heal.  My first quest for a health solution was inspired by my determination to be free from overpowering anxiety and panic attacks that surfaced out of nowhere to disrupt my teenage life. I knew pharmaceuticals and psychologists weren’t the answer for me.

A few years later, I had a life-threatening health crisis that led to a lifelong quest for healing myself. The words “you have viral meningitis” is terrifying to an otherwise healthy young man. I wasn’t satisfied with the answers I got from traditional medicine. My curiosity and determination led me to explore all the ways we can heal more naturally and holistically. By this time, I had developed foundational knowledge of supplements.

When I look back, I recognize the unique role my upbringing played in my healing journey. I was blessed with a family who explored allopathic interventions because of my mother's background as an RN. I developed a real dislike for the ways of so-called modern medicine and sought something that would balance and ground me, not augment me. My father’s large victory garden invited me to work with the soil. I experimented with creating remedies from plants I grew. An article in my local newspaper opened my eyes to the power of support groups and community. Later, I would progress to energy healing, meditation, massage and Yoga. Countless opportunities to deepen my learning appeared one after the other as I opened myself to lifelong education. One highlight was attending the Food as Medicine Conference in DC. The experts I met inspired me to add this dimension to my practice.Sometimes, in the course of my searching, I'd feel such joy that tears of joy would come. I'd be rejoicing and reeling about the possibilities and who could benefit from knowing about what I was learning. My desire and ambition combined to move me from continuing education programs for massage, essential oil science, energy techniques and on to a primary focus in Functional Nutrition Counseling.

The milestones of my journey include:
Licensed as a massage therapist since 2001.
  Graduate of the Functional Nutrition Lab - Full Body Systems 2020.
  Knowledge of the following: essential oil science, infrared, practiced yoga and meditation
Diet and impact on lifestyle
Metabolic testing
Organic gardening and nutrition
Bio-hacking, color, vibration.
Over time, my experiences and education shaped my beliefs.
  I believe every setback can be motivation for a comeback
  believe that everything you need to heal your body, mind and soul is already in place somewhere on earth.
   believe in your power to achieve your well-being goals with the right guide

The desire to share with others what has helped me and thousands of others now drives me to grow my practice.

I am incredibly grateful that my journey has included so many skilled helpers and healers. I discovered my calling as a young man: to spend my life energy guiding others in their search for well-being. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing the changes my clients create for themselves with my help. I shine the light on the path but you will take all the steps. Let’s start your journey now.

Paul Youngquist, LMT. Wellness Works LLCFunctional Nutrition Practitioner Paul Youngquist

Janet Archer, MA.

Certified Master Life Coach, Wellness and Relaxation Coach, Integrative Yoga Therapist, and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher.

Janet began working in the fitness industry teaching of aerobics 35 years ago when she owned the Body Barn, a dance exercise studio. She realized that being physically fit was only one component of being well, so she continued her training to become a Yoga teacher/therapist and to earn her Master's degree in Psychology with a Focus on Yoga Body Mind Mind Health. Through personal experience with postpartum depression, she found the value of a meditation and mindfulness practice in calming and relaxing her body and mind and went on to intern at the University of Massachusetts Stress Reduction Clinic with Jon Kabat-Zin.

Janet Archer, MA

Through teaching hundreds of yoga, meditation and stress reduction classes and private sessions over the years, Janet came to realize the enormous power that self compassion and humor can play in our lives.

She brings this powerful combination into her work along with a gift for deep listening and soft acceptance that encourages many people to move beyond what they thought was previously possible.

Janet is a Master Certified Life Coach through the Life Coach School (Brooke Castilllo), where she has fine-tuned her skills to assist others in discovering their own unique path to wellness and self-worth.

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Good Vibrations a Wellness Works LLC company or it's employees are not intending to diagnosis, treat, cure or prevent any disease when providing Information, services, supplement purchases and consultations.